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eylyla said: Is Aria -A?

I actually do no know about the show. But if you’d like I can send you to our book follower.


OH MY GOD. I am so sorry you guys. |: I have totally forgotten about this. I’ve been really busy. I promise to update as soon as I can. 

New video.

On our youtube page. It’s short haha so I won’t waste most of your time.


Sorry guys.

We haven’t posted anything about the lastest episode and I’m sorry. We’re kind of busy right now. Updates will be on and off for about three weeks. Stefani is going on a trip and I got a new job so we’ll do our bests to try and get together and makes videos :)

-love Mary.

Pretty little liars

is on now :D

Pretty Little Liars tomorrow :D

You guys excited?

I bet we will have A LOT of new conspiracies to post about ;D

Clearing something up…

This blog IS NOT and I repeat IS NOT about the books! It’s about the SHOW.

We have NOT read the books. So you can spoil whatever you want from those in seeing the show is pretty different. 

misandrrry said: you GUYS. omg. forreal you are perfect. <3 <3 <3 ~~~

We know<3 There’s a youtube channel too! :D Just search PLLconspiracies (:


So, our second video might not be up until Tuesday. We are having a little trouble with length. I’m editing now but it might look rough and not as smooth as we wanted. So if you don’t see two videos there will be a new one Tuesday BEFORE Pretty Little Liars. (:

thanks guys<3


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